Media Metro

Media Metro Limited has been successfully operating since 2003.

Media Metro is the largest advertising company in Fiji and has recently installed Fiji’s first world-class large format digital billboards.

Media Metro’s customer-base comprises strong international companies such as Vodafone, Digicel and Fiji Airways. As well as many major corporate companies based in Fiji and around the Pacific. Other overseas customers are CTB Bank, Visa China Union Pay, Qantas, to name a few.

Our Team

Making Media Metro difference

Our team believes in a straight forward approach to Digital Advertising. We have invested in the technology to ensure we can carry out our promises that we make to our clients. We want to help you make a Media Metro difference!

Digital Account Manager

Razvee Ali

Phone: +679 992 6128
Administration Manager

Razina Yasin (Mrs. Mohammed)

Managing Director

Grant Moreton

Finance Director

Louise Moreton

Our Mission

We are building a dynamic network of billboards throughout Fiji in prime advertising locations.

Every location is handpicked for its unique quality and personality and fit within our network at cost-effective prices to allow more companies the opportunity to utilise digital advertising for their benefit.

Media Metro is focused on increasing the accessibility of digital advertising.
We have partnered with world-leading technology to deliver on our promise of providing premium DOOH billboard solutions to benefit our customers.